Public Space Protection

IMG_2244 Do More With Your Security Investment

Influential Engineering’s video analytic solution provides 24×7 intelligent security services.
Video analytics continuously monitors video streams and alarms based upon anomalous activities in real time.
Alarms can trigger automated responses such as strobes, signs, pre-recorded audio messages, as well as alerts to personnel for further investigation and response.

Analytic Detection Options

People or vehicle detection vs animals and vegetation
People loitering
People or vehicles entering or leaving an area

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Various Alarm Options

Visual alarms such as strobes
Audible alarms such as sirens and
pre-recorded messages

Multiple Options Offered For Human Assessment

Texting or email to a distribution list. Video clip of alarm can be viewed on virtually any connected device.
Option for two-way audio with on-premises location. Talk down to site via cell phone or computer.
Influential Engineering offers option for 24x7x365 human assessment of alarms from our security operations center.

Cost EffectiveIMG_2253

Guards can only be at one place at a time.
Standard CCTV services typically only provide “after the fact” forensic analysis of the theft or vandalism.
Video analytics provide full time asset protection.

Purchase/Leasing Options For Any Budget

Options are offered with differing cost and risk levels within your requirements. We manage the installation, configuration and tuning, as well as client training and ongoing system maintenance.