A robust post-installation maintenance program is very important to keeping your new security system healthy. Influential Engineering offers a wide range of options, with varying service levels and costs. Investing in a maintenance program that meets your business requirements keeps your costs predictable as well as minimizes emergency situations. There are many options to consider when deciding what maintenance program is right for you. Below is a summary of our maintenance programs, but please speak to one of our engineers of sales associates for complete details.

Bronze Service Level:

This maintenance program offers clients a preventive maintenance service. There are options regarding the frequency of service where our technicians perform routine maintenance such as calibration and minor adjustments. Catching a deteriorating seal before it damages an expensive piece of equipment is an example of the benefits of this program.

Silver Service Level:

This maintenance program provides the same preventative maintenance services in the Bronze SLA as well as covers any labor costs associated with equipment repairs.

Gold Service Level:

This is the premium maintenance service contract. In addition to the Preventative Maintenance and labor coverage available in the Silver SLA, the Gold maintenance program adds replacement parts for equipment covered in the SLA, and ensures 24x7x365 availability with a 1 hour response time.

Deciding on the maintenance program that best meets your business is important. We’re here to help provide counsel to you. Maintenance is part of our overall solution offering and our engineers and sales reps will make sure to review your options as part of each job.