Influential Engineering provides client-tailored design options involving security services for new builds as well modifications to your existing facilities. Our designs utilize state of the art technology such as purpose-specific cameras, video analytics, perimeter intrusion detection, etc. We prefer to take some time up front to understand your security needs and develop options. Each bid you receive from Influential Engineering will have multiple options with varying services and costs. We take pride in completing each and every job per our agreed upon schedule and budget. We won’t be finished with a job until our customer is completely satisfied with the results.

Our engineers are thought leaders in the industry. Our products and services are constantly evolving and maturing to keep up with the latest technology offerings in order to deliver our clients piece of mind. Keeping up with technology is important, but we only utilize solutions that are proven. We have found that using “bleeding edge” technology in the security space is dangerous and costly in the long run.

We specialize in the physical security needs of electric utilities. We’ve helped very large traditional (wholesale) utilities as well as IPP’s (Independent Power Producers) develop and deploy new physical security specifications balancing cost and risk, while standardizing on technology platforms. Standardization allows for price negotiations with equipment and software suppliers as well as lower OPEX (maintenance) costs.

Influential Engineering developed a new specification for one of our largest clients involving the use of FLIR thermal cameras and video analytics to secure their renewable energy assets. Video analytics, when tuned properly, significantly reduces the number of false alarms, thereby lowering OPEX costs. This client reduced the CAPEX costs involved in the upfront security systems implementation by over 50% from their previous security practices. We also helped them lower their CAPEX cost by standardizing with technology suppliers, identifying the vendors with major spend, and negotiating with those vendors to reduce costs. With forecasted spend, vendors have a lot of leeway with their prices. We’d be happy to set up a reference call so you can hear first-hand how we’ve helped other companies save money and ensure equilibrium with cost and risk.